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Dr. Harry Anderson - Creator of Total People Plus
Dr. Harry Anderson has been in the nutrition business for over 50 years and developed Total People Plus over 10 years ago. Dr. Anderson has utilized his proprietary formula to benefit people in many ways.

Bret - Team Roper

Bret is lactose intolerant and when he is on Total People Plus he can enjoy milk on his cereal. Bret also said he is happy that Total People Plus has all but alleviated his sleeping disturbances. He loves it.

Jeff - Producer
"Total People Plus is INCREDIBLE! Being a TV and Film producer take LOTS of energy... at 52 I feel 26 since I started taking 4 Total People Plus a day."

Neal - Rancher
Neal has been taking total people for years and he had trouble getting a good nights sleep. Now not only does he sleep but he wakes up feeling refreshed, and has energy all day long. Neal says it has helped is circulation as well.

I obtained a bottle of Total People Plus while attending the RHAA World Finals during the Western Heritage Classic on May 11 this year. After the awards were given, I drove home, 6 hour drive back to the ranch in NM. I started taking mine Sunday the 12th, and in three days, I was feeling so much better.
I had been thru about an 8 month ordeal with an A-Fib heart, and had really gotten out of shape and out of much desire to to much. I get up around 4:30 am every morning, and put in full days again. I still get tired, but now it is when the day is done around 7:30 pm, instead of feeling exhausted by 10:00 AM. I have the desire to work again and find I have more energy, and I am remembering where I put things I might need later,,lol. I am 67 years old and do not feel that age anymore. My heart was restarted back to regular heartbeat, and since I got on this supplement, I have a desire to work, and live long!!!
Jim Frank Richardson, President, Ranch Horse Association of America

Margaret - 88 from Central Texas

"I love my Total People, Ive been taking it almost 10 years"

More notes from Dr. Anderson, developer of Total People Plus.

A 75 year old man in OK had a heart attack in early January and the doctor told him he could not put any stints in his blocked arteries and that he had about 40 days to live. We put him on TPP and he is back doing physical work and the doctor can't figure it out.

I have had several people lose weight on it as it controls the cravings.

A man in Metropolis, IL says the following:
1. He sleeps better
2. He has better focus
3. He has lost weight
4. He quit his blood pressure medication and his blood pressure is great
5. He is a type II diabetic and he has cut his medication by 50% and his blood sugar is steady between 90 and 100 rather than 100 to 120 as before.